Pack of 10 licensed visuals (personal and commercial use)

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Pack of 10 licensed visuals (personal and commercial use)

Alex Maese
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🎨 My visuals, personalised and adapted to your brand needs

I've created hundreds of unique illustrations that have generated millions of impressions in the past months, and led me to work with awesome brands and individuals.

These visuals helped me create a personal brand of over 60k followers on Twitter and Instagram in 6 months. It can do the same for you!

I get tons of requests on a daily basis, by people with a massive audience, asking me if they can share my visuals with them.

That's why I decided to make it as simple as possible to use and personalize my visuals to reach more people and expand your reach. All branded around your needs.

❓ What do I get with this pack?

✅ 10x high quality illustrations of your choice (best quality/price deal in market!)

✅ Fully adapted to your personal/commercial brand

✅ Permission and credentials to be used in any of your social media accounts, website or presentations

✅ Background color change

✅ Text edition to highlight the message you want to deliver

🤔💭 How does it work?

The process couldn't be any simpler!

Once you purchase the pack, you will be redirected to my portfolio with all my existing illustrations on my Instagram.

Choose the 10 illustrations you want, tell me the changes you want me to apply, and I will send them back to you in a maximum of 24 hours.+

You can reach me via email (hello@alexmaese.com), via Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Make sure you have the order number!

I want this!
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A pack of 10 high quality illustrations, fully adapted to your brand/personal needs. Surprise and attract your audience with these powerful illustrations!

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